I started this blog many years ago at a turning point in my life. A time when I realized that my life was a little unbalanced, in that my love for all things cerebral seemed to prevent me from taking part in anything physical. As a consequence my health wasn’t all that smart and I weighed in at a massive 22.5 stone! Walking to the corner shop left me with rotten back ache so I didn’t bother moving a lot, I did however, have a huge list of the things I was going to do when I miraculously got thin.

Emotional upset was the trigger for me to start putting my life in order. I chose to quit waiting and start doing, it wasn’t my weight that was stopping me living, I was managing that all by myself. In 2001 I started exercising slowly (this meant walking around the local park) and I started reducing my intake. As I started getting fitter I was able to take on more and more, I went on walking holidays and took up cycling again.

I continue to battle with my weight but I am very much fitter, many stones lighter and I am living.

The blog centres around my ever evolving interest in health and fitness, particularly running, cold water swimming and all things strength related. I’m particularly keen on all the gadgets and statistics that the physical activity has enabled me to play with.

Running has been particularly fulfilling, the clear progress has given me a sense of achievement that outstrips any pride that I may feel towards my academic success. I would really recommend that anyone takes it up if they are looking for a satisfying challenge. Unfortunately as I’ve aged, the years of excess weight have played havoc with my knees and I’m having to shift my exercise habits to accomodate. Most tiresome.

If you want to contact me you can comment on the blog or use the contact form. I’m also active on instagram.

I regularly review gadgets and products, most of which I have bought myself but I am lucky to get sent freebies to review as well. I will only review products if I think they are a fit with my blog and if I feel I am free to write as I see fit.

Historically I have identified freebies by saying something along the lines of “I was sent….” rather than “I bought…” but I now intend to be a bit more transparent in this respect.

I will attempt to revisit old posts to reflect my new approach but it might take me a while. From July 2015 I intend to tag posts where I discuss or review gifts with “freebies” and indicate this at the end of my post.

I almost never accept paid posts because they rarely form a good fit with my blog. If I do I will tag these with the word “sponsored”.

Finally I do also use affiliate links, mostly to Amazon books. I can’t remember the last time I received an Amazon affiliate payment, so this is by no means big business for me.