I’ve never been a great fan of New Year’s eve, the social pressures generally make me quake with inadequacy. In recent years though I have discovered the joys of New Year planning, preferably to be conducted with a glass of wine and a credit card in hand. You need to be puffed with bravado and uninhibited by sense and reason and then you set to with an event calendar and an internet connection.

highlight running events

I’ve been ahead of the game this year and have been creating a list of must-do events to draw upon. I started the eve, circling events of interest and then as the excitement built I moved on to panic purchasing places before other New Year planners had a chance to nick my spot.

Of course it will soon be the day after the night before and I will have to take stock of the damage, assess the implications and start all over again with the planning. I’ll have training programs to organise and mammoth weekend run/walks to schedule. I’ll have months ahead to panic and wonder whatever possessed me to click the “register here” button.

For now I am still excited.

In 2013 I shall become an ultra runner or at least an ultra run/walker. I have entered the 100k London2Brighton to take place in May. I cycled it a few years back and remember thinking the congestion was so great I could probably walk it faster than cycle – here is my chance to prove myself. So far the intention is to do it solo, so I’m going to have to psych myself up for running across the downs by the light of the silvery moon. I’ll be re-reading Moire O’Sullivan’s fabulous book, Mud, Sweat and Tears, to get some night time tips and perhaps start by conducting most of my Janathon runs after sundown.

The plans don’t stop there though, here’s a sample of the most inspiring events for 2013:

  • Feb – Thames Meander 54mile ultra: this is too soon for me but I hope I’ll be up for it in 2014.
  • March – Hastings Half (committed)
  • April – Coastal Trail Series in Exmoor: just noticed that this one is graded extreme so I may try and find a more sedate option.
  • May – London2Brighton 100k Ultra (committed)
  • June – Keswick Great Trail Run: Ran last year and re-registered but unlikely to be recovered from L2B.
  • June – Nightrider: 100k night time ride around London. I’ll be doing this if it’s possible to recover from the L2B in 2 weeks.
  • July – Para’s 10: I’m doing this one just for t-shirt!
  • August – (RAT) Roseland August Trail, 64, 32, 20 or 11 mile options across the Cornish coast.
  • August – Thames Meander Half through Richmond Park. I’d did this last year and will undoubtedly be back, I love the mixed distances races as its a great way to ensure I’m not last over the finish line.
  • September – Farnham Pilgrim, half marathon.
  • September – Thames Path Challenge 100k Ultra – depending how I fair with the L2B in May.
  • September – RideLondon 100m cycle along the Olympic bike course (registered)
  • October – Loads of choice in October, maybe the Great North run again or perhaps the more scenic Royal Parks Half. However, following a conversation with my 72 year old mother who may have just suggested she’ll try a half with me next year, I may have to do the Bridlington Half.

2013 mindmap So now, I’m in time to crack open a bottle a champers to greet the new year with the loved one’s.

I can save the rest of the planning for the morning, after I’ve ticked off the first Janathon run of the year. Perhaps then I can concern myself with finding time for the other schemes and challenges I’ve set aside 2013 to complete.

Happy new year everyone and good running.